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Scotland’s Highlands and Islands

August is the best time to visit Scotland, not only because of the festival in Edinburgh, but also due to the fact that the heather is in bloom and the highlands become coated with a blanket of purple, which is a sight to behold.  Leaving Edinburgh, I head north through

Springtime in London

Any time is a great time to visit London.   While they enjoy a temperate climate all the year through, peak months for tourist travel tend to be April through October.  It’s springtime once again and the glorious city of London is abuzz with activity. The Chelsea Flower Show, which has

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign Currency Exchange When traveling to a foreign country, when and where should you exchange your currency for theirs?  For those living in a city that has a foreign exchange bureau, you may consider getting some money in advance, perhaps $200.00 or so, depending on the length of your visit. 

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin!

Regardless of our ethnic heritage, Americans seem to embrace the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. You may choose to celebrate with the wearing o’ the green or with the drinking ‘o the green beer at a local establishment. Two of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the world actually

Travel Insurance

I am a strong advocate for travel insurance. I have seen too many people encounter emergencies while on vacation, that ended up costing thousands of dollars. These same travelers would have most likely incurred minimal or possibly no expenses had they purchased travel insurance in advance of travel. There are

Travel and Electricity

In today’s world of technology, we feel we have to be “connected” to the rest of the world at all times. I’m happy to report that this is becoming easier to do all the time. There are some things that you need to be aware of when traveling abroad. First

Shoes & Wine make everything fine……

I love to shop and I love shoes, so it stands to reason that I love to shop for shoes.  With that goal in mind, I set out for Shepherdsville, Kentucky and the Zappos Shoe Outlet.  What I was about to experience can only be described as shoe heaven. Inspired

Wine and Weddings

Clients of Wine-Oh! Tours by Passport to Adventure and More are quickly learning that a wine tasting trip is a great way celebrate with friends and family. Our customized Bachelorette party wine tours are becoming very popular.  We take groups by limo, mini bus or full-size coach, depending on group

How to Survive Airport Security

As a person who travels for a living, I have experienced more than my fair share of airport security screenings.  While it is certainly not one of the most enjoyable aspects of travel, it is necessary for our safety and something we must learn to accept and embrace.  Since the

Make time for a “Staycation”

These days with the economy down and gas prices up, many people are looking for ways to cut costs.  Luxury items are the first to go; among those is the annual vacation.  The trend today is moving toward what has become known as the “staycation.”  Couples and families are looking

Cheese and Wine Lovers Trip

On a cool April day, we departed from the east side of Evansville and set out for a day of wine and cheese.  Our first stop was Winzerwald Winery, where they welcomed us to a tasting of wine and cheese.  The staff had selected 2 wines as suggested pairings with

Walking with Elephants?

I fell in love with Africa on my first visit to Kenya in the early 1990s.  Africa is a large continent made up of 53 countries.  I have only visited eleven of them, but each has thrilled and captivated me in its own way.  The people, lifestyles, cultures and in

A Day of Fun with Chocolate and Wine

It’s February 18 and I set out with my group of 16 on our Wine-Oh!  Chocolate and Wine Lovers Day Trip.  Now, planning a trip in February in Southern Indiana is a risky business, as it could very easily turn out to be bitter cold, snowy or even worse, ice

Wine-Oh! Chocolate Lovers Trip

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of our guest that made the Chocolate Lovers trip such an enjoyable day!!! It means a lot to Pam and myself to see everyone enjoying themselves and an activity that we enjoy so much. I think the wineries really met the challenge and

Packing Tips for Carry-on Luggage

As a professional Tour Manager, I have often traveled over 180 days per year.  To this day, my least favorite part of the process is packing.  Here are a few tips to help you with packing your carry-on bag. The following items should ALWAYS be taken with you and packed

The “deal” for a winter getaway

January, the holidays are over and the cold wind, snow and lack of daylight have many looking for an escape to a warmer climate.  Sunshine, beaches and adult beverages with little paper umbrellas are calling.  People often say, “I’d like to find a “deal” to some place warm in January.” 

Tips for Holiday Air Travel

With the holiday season upon us, many will take to the air to visit family or just get away from all the hustle and bustle.  Here are a few tips to make your air travel less stressful.  Leave for the airport early, really early.  Don’t take the chance of getting

What Adventure??

I decided to name my travel business Passport to Adventure and More, why?  What “adventure?”  Are all of my clients seeking an exotic retreat?   How about a photographic safari in Madagascar or gorilla trekking in Uganda, is this your type of vacation, your adventure?  Of course these types of trips