Welcome to my first Wine-Oh! blog post.  Let me start by explaining what Wine-Oh! is all about.  This is not for the old school winos, filled with information on how to find the cheapest ripple.  While that might be interesting, I’m not sure winos even read blogs.  No, this is for the wine drinker that enjoys wine so much that they have a taste of wine and the reaction is “Oh!,” this is good!

What makes ME a Wine-Oh!?  First of all, I am a professional Tour Director, which means that I lead groups of people on tours all over the world.  Not only does this give me the opportunity to experience wine in various wine regions on every continent that has a wine region (Antarctica, sadly does not have one), but any Tour Director will tell you at the end of the day a little wine can be a good thing!

After spending 10 years traveling with tour groups and being away from home an average of 200 days per year, In 2011 I decided it was time for a change.  While I still loved my job, I was just doing way too much of it and wanted to spend more time at home.  I just had to figure out a way to do what I do best, yet still stay close to home.  That’s when it hit me!  Another love I have is wine, and over the last few years the wine regions in the Midwest had begun growing by leaps and bounds with new wineries opening every year.  I enjoy going to visit different wineries, experiencing the local atmosphere and tasting new wines, so why wouldn’t others?  Thus, Wine-Oh! Tours was born.

I started Passport to Adventure and More. LLC (P.A.M.), and began doing business as Wine-Oh! Tours, offering not only wine, but whiskey and beer tours throughout Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri.  Most of our tours are just day trips and they are so much fun!!

Here on this blog I will be sharing information about wine, wineries and more.  I hope you will stay tuned, learn and enjoy!

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