Meet Pam

About Pam

Hi, I’m Pam Reimann, owner of Passport to Adventure and More and Wine-Oh! Tours.

Growing up in Poseyville, Indiana, I thought that traveling to foreign lands was only a dream.  Little did I know that one day that dream would become a reality and I would seize the opportunity to see the world.

I began working in the travel industry as a Travel Consultant in 1994.  After graduating from ITMI, the International Tour Management Institute in 2001, I became a full-time Tour Manager. In that role I worked for large tour operators and guided clients on tours to 20 countries around the world.  Through my work as a tour manager, travel writer and photographer, I have visited 84 countries and all 7 continents.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with others who have traveled with me around the globe.

Through Passport to Adventure and More, I able to share my love and knowledge of travel with you!

Wine-Oh! Tours allows me to introduce you to the many local wineries, distilleries and breweries and share the unique flavors of the Midwest.