I don’t like wine, why should I visit a winery?  This question comes up from time to time.  Usually it’s someone that has decided to go on a wine tour with a friend, even though they don’t like wine.  This is actually the best candidate for a wine tour or a winery visit.

I have discovered that most people who don’t like wine, just haven’t found the right wine for them.  Maybe they went to a restaurant or a party and ordered a glass of wine and didn’t like it.  Why would you keep trying new wine, paying $8 – $15 per glass or $15 – $60 per bottle?  It’s just too much money to spend on something you may not like.  I get it!  But, at a winery you can do tastings, anywhere from 3 or 4 tastes up to the winery’s entire list for a small fee or possibly even for FREE (this varies by winery and region).

If you take a taste and you don’t like that particular wine, you pour it out.  The wineries know you aren’t going to like everything, so they provide a “dump bucket” for you to pour any unwanted wine.  They are not insulted and you haven’t spent a lot of money on a glass or bottle of wine you don’t want.  This is a great way to learn about different wines and discover what you do and don’t like. 

There are thousands of wines out there including sweet wines, dry wines, fortified wines, fruit wines, sparkling wines, the list goes on and on.  Visit a winery and do a tasting, you may be surprised and what you discover about both wines and your taste in wines.


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