How to Survive Airport Security

As a person who travels for a living, I have experienced more than my fair share of airport security screenings.  While it is certainly not one of the most enjoyable aspects of travel, it is necessary for our safety and something we must learn to accept and embrace.  Since the 9/11 attacks, much has changed […]

Make time for a “Staycation”

These days with the economy down and gas prices up, many people are looking for ways to cut costs.  Luxury items are the first to go; among those is the annual vacation.  The trend today is moving toward what has become known as the “staycation.”  Couples and families are looking for fun things to do […]

Cheese and Wine Lovers Trip

On a cool April day, we departed from the east side of Evansville and set out for a day of wine and cheese.  Our first stop was Winzerwald Winery, where they welcomed us to a tasting of wine and cheese.  The staff had selected 2 wines as suggested pairings with each of the 5 cheeses […]