Can a bargain-priced wine be any good??

Back in 2001, I studied Tour Management with the International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) in Los Angeles, California.  There, I was introduced to a new world of beverage choices.  In the world of coffee there was Starbucks.  Yes, in 2001 Starbucks had not yet made it to my home city of Evansville, Indiana.  Although I […]

You Don’t Like Wine?

I don’t like wine, why should I visit a winery?  This question comes up from time to time.  Usually it’s someone that has decided to go on a wine tour with a friend, even though they don’t like wine.  This is actually the best candidate for a wine tour or a winery visit. I have […]

Welcome to my Wine-Oh! Blog

Welcome to my first Wine-Oh! blog post.  Let me start by explaining what Wine-Oh! is all about.  This is not for the old school winos, filled with information on how to find the cheapest ripple.  While that might be interesting, I’m not sure winos even read blogs.  No, this is for the wine drinker that […]