As a professional Tour Manager, I have often traveled over 180 days per year.  To this day, my least favorite part of the process is packing.  Here are a few tips to help you with packing your carry-on bag.

The following items should ALWAYS be taken with you and packed in your carry-on luggage:

  1. Passport or other photo ID and all travel documents   (you should also carry copies of these with you in a separate  location)
  2. Prescription glasses or contacts lenses.
  3. Medication – any prescription medications as well as over-the-counter Sudafed or Allegra Allergy (consult a physician before taking these), which are great to help clear ear pressure in flight if you get a cold or flu while      traveling.
  4. Jewelry – whether fine jewelry or costume it’s best to carry it on.
  5. Cameras, laptops, cell phones, etc.   Basically any electronic device should be carried on along with the chargers and extra batteries. Lithium batteries, such as the ones in most cell phones and cameras are NOT allowed in your checked bags.
  6. Money, credit cards, traveler checks – seems obvious
  7. Any liquids or gels carried on must be in a container that is 3oz. or smaller and must be in a quart size Ziploc-type bag.  No beverages or gel type foods such as yogurt are allowed to go through security screening.
  8. An inflatable neck pillow (optional) takes up little space and may be used as a back rest as well.
  9. Socks or slippers to wear during a long flight for comfort or to prevent foot swelling.
  10. Books, magazines, IPods or other things to keep you entertained during flight.
  11. Essential cosmetic items (this will vary by individual).  For ladies this might be lipstick and powder, for men perhaps shaving cream and disposable razors.  Remember liquid items must be 3 oz. or less and in the quart size bag or put in your checked luggage.
  12. A change of clothes or at least underwear and socks in case your checked bag is delayed.

In a future piece, I will offer tips for your checked luggage.  Safe travels!

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