Growing up in a small town in southern Indiana, I thought that traveling to foreign lands was only a dream.   Little did I know that some day I would seize the opportunity to see the world.  Over the past 19 years as both an adventurer and travel professional, I have traveled around the world to over 56 counties on 7 continents.  This has afforded me the unique opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with others who have traveled with me around the globe.

My hope is that with this blog I will be able to reach more people with an interest in travel.  The  tips and advice that I have to offer will be invaluable in making your experiences more enjoyable on the road.  From choosing the right trip for your tastes and interests, to packing and preparing for travel, I will offer guidance from my own experiences and those who have joined me out there in the world of travel.

So, pack your positive attitude and sense of adventure and take a journey with me.

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