I decided to name my travel business Passport to Adventure and More, why?  What “adventure?”  Are all of my clients seeking an exotic retreat?   How about a photographic safari in Madagascar or gorilla trekking in Uganda, is this your type of vacation, your adventure?  Of course these types of trips are not for everyone, but travel should always be an adventure.

Travel takes you out of the comfort of your normal routine.  A trip away from home propels you into facing new challenges and new experiences.  Whether you cross the state line, the Atlantic Ocean or the entire globe, travel should always offer something new and exciting.   New places, new faces, and experiences will challenge your mind and renew your spirit.  Exploring a new landscape and culture will open your eyes and your mind.  The rewards are endless.

Every destination has its own special appeal, whether it is the food, culture, people, wildlife or scenery.  Each of the over 56 countries I have visited has brought me to a new level of understanding and given me a new perspective.  We often go into an experience with a preconceived idea of what to expect.  I find that when travel is involved, those perceptions are changed and you come away with a new enthusiasm for the people and places visited.

I want to instill in my clients, who I like to refer to as my traveling friends, my love for travel, the beauty and excitement the world has to offer.   The adventure is there for you to choose.  The memories, the rewards are yours for a lifetime.

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