Nachos Around the World at the 2018 West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is my favorite event of the year and I now am able to arrange my work schedule so that I may attend every night, as I did for many years in the past.  This year I decided to use this opportunity to continue my quest for the best […]

Scotland’s Highlands and Islands

August is the best time to visit Scotland, not only because of the festival in Edinburgh, but also due to the fact that the heather is in bloom and the highlands become coated with a blanket of purple, which is a sight to behold.  Leaving Edinburgh, I head north through St. Andrews, known as the […]

Nachos Around the World – New Orleans

Nachos Around the World – New Orleans I find myself in New Orleans, Louisiana usually a few times a year and there are many wonderful restaurants with amazing local food, which I enjoy.  BUT…..the nachos lover in me is always looking for the next great plate.  Today I will share my favorite find…….so far…… Bourbon […]