Nachos – keep it local – Mexican-style Nachos

Nachos Around the World – keep it local – Mexican-style Nachos There are many restaurants in the Evansville, Indiana area that serve nachos. I am including Mt. Vernon and Newburgh as part of the Evansville area locations.  Many of those restaurants Mexican restaurants, but some are locally owned bars and pubs and some are even […]

Why Nachos?

Why nachos? What is my fascination with nachos?  Well, first of all they are delicious! Seriously, I really don’t know when it started, but I have always enjoyed crunchy foods – potato chips, pita chips, tortilla chips, snack crackers etc. – with some kind of dip or topping.  When I was in grade school, my […]

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign Currency Exchange When traveling to a foreign country, when and where should you exchange your currency for theirs?  For those living in a city that has a foreign exchange bureau, you may consider getting some money in advance, perhaps $200.00 or so, depending on the length of your visit.  I live in Evansville, Indiana […]