Springtime in London

Any time is a great time to visit London.   While they enjoy a temperate climate all the year through, peak months for tourist travel tend to be April through October.  It’s springtime once again and the glorious city of London is abuzz with activity. The Chelsea Flower Show, which has

Nachos Around the World – Keep it Local – Newburgh Indiana

  Nachos Around the World – Keep it Local  – Newburgh, IN I made my first visit to Riviera Mexican Grill in Newburgh recently and tried out my regular menu options as mentioned in a previous story.  I tried the Nachos Fiesta and the Choriqueso along with the chips and

Nachos – keep it local – Mexican-style Nachos

Nachos Around the World – keep it local – Mexican-style Nachos There are many restaurants in the Evansville, Indiana area that serve nachos. I am including Mt. Vernon and Newburgh as part of the Evansville area locations.  Many of those restaurants Mexican restaurants, but some are locally owned bars and

Why Nachos?

Why nachos? What is my fascination with nachos?  Well, first of all they are delicious! Seriously, I really don’t know when it started, but I have always enjoyed crunchy foods – potato chips, pita chips, tortilla chips, snack crackers etc. – with some kind of dip or topping.  When I

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign Currency Exchange When traveling to a foreign country, when and where should you exchange your currency for theirs?  For those living in a city that has a foreign exchange bureau, you may consider getting some money in advance, perhaps $200.00 or so, depending on the length of your visit.