Nachos Around the World – Philippines

Nachos Around the World – Philippines As the name implies, I search for nachos all over the world.  In the Philippines, I managed to find a few different versions of my favorite dish. If all else fails, I can always find nachos at the Hard Rock Café.  I’m a Hard Rock Café pin and merchandise […]

Nachos Around the World – Hacienda – Evansville, IN

  Nachos around the world – Hacienda Mexican Restaurant – Evansville, IN Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is a very popular restaurant in Evansville, Indiana with 4 locations now available.  I usually find myself there at least once a week, when in town.  This is not authentic Mexican food, but more of an American take on it […]

Nachos Around the World – Italian Nachos

Nachos Around the World – Italian Nachos I love to try the different styles of nachos and the Italian Nachos are a favorite variation. On a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana I ventured into a restaurant called Schlitz & Giggles, the name alone drew me in.  Their slogan reads “silly name, SERIOUS PIZZA.”  I skipped […]